Investment Process

Northeast’s investment process is a collaborative effort calling upon the expertise of our Investment Committee. The Committee meets formally three times a week, during which investment opportunities are examined and debated. Committee members include portfolio managers, security analysts, trustees and tax professionals.

Investment ideas are developed internally based on fundamental research and  derived from myriad sources including proprietary stock screens, company meetings, industry conferences, analyst meetings and independent research. 

Client portfolios are reviewed by portfolio managers and members of the Investment Committee regularly and as investment opportunities arise.  Our portfolio managers have, on average, over 20 years of experience managing assets through a range of investment cycles.

Our in-house tax professionals enable our portfolio managers to make more comprehensive, tax-sensitive investment decisions.


We consider equities the principal growth vehicle. In researching equities, we evaluate growth prospects, security valuation, balance sheet strength, management competence and the risk/reward potential for each investment. Emphasis is placed on the quality and the fit of an investment within a portfolio.

Fixed Income

We use carefully selected individual bonds and bond funds to produce reliable income, protect capital and diversify portfolio exposures. Typically, we create high-grade bond ladders and use low-cost fixed income funds to gain desired exposures.


We may also diversify asset class exposure through the use of thoroughly screened, low-cost mutual funds and exchange traded funds. These alternative exposures include international equities, emerging market equities, small- and mid-capitalization equities, real estate investment trusts, commodities and hedge funds.