Investment Management

Northeast acts as either a discretionary or non-discretionary investment advisor to individuals, families, as well as charities or other tax-exempt institutions. We provide each client with a customized portfolio focused on protecting and growing the client’s assets.

Retirement Planning

Northeast provides investment management services to many types of retirement vehicles: IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Qualified Pension Plans, Keoghs’, and SEPs. We also work closely with clients to understand their income and expense needs during retirement and creating an investment strategy to achieve these goals.

Tax Consultation, Preparation and Information Reporting

Northeast provides service as a preparer of individual and fiduciary tax returns. We are available to assist in consultations relating to tax issues arising from client's personal, business or family investments. All client accounts for which we serve as custodian receive a year-end package detailing gain/loss, income collected and fees paid.

Trustee and Executor Services

Officers of Northeast serve as professional trustees, providing objective advice to the needs of both individuals and families, as well as managing the investments and the transfer of wealth to future generations. Officers serve as executors of client wills, facilitating and managing the estate settlement process in coordination with other estate planning documents.

Family Office Services

For clients who need additional support, officers and trustees of Northeast will plan, manage and coordinate family and charitable giving, budgeting, payment of bills, insurance, loan arrangements, the purchase and sale of houses, and a host of other transactions.

Financial Planning

Our officers work closely with clients over the long-term so that their personal finances are managed to achieve various investment, educational, retirement or charitable goals. We recognize that this planning process is ongoing and will change as our clients encounter different stages and needs in life.

Education Planning

Northeast will work with clients to determine what the best vehicle is for education planning: 529 plans, custodial accounts, minors trusts. We also can manage any trust or custodial account created for minors.

Charitable Giving Planning

Northeast can help clients define and accomplish their philanthropic goals. We can assist in making these gifts via annual gifts, charitable trusts and foundations. We also manage investments of many charitable trusts and foundations.